Just posted: Our samples gallery shot using a production Canon EOS 100D and EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM. In this gallery we're aiming to give an idea of the image quality possible from Canon's latest miniature SLR with its new, silent-focusing kit zoom. We've also quickly tested its refocusing ability during movie recording. Click through to see the sample images and movies.

Canon EOS 100D + EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM samples gallery

There are 35 images in the samples gallery. Please do not reproduce any of these images on a website or any newsletter / magazine without prior permission (see our copyright page). We make the originals available for private users to download to their own machines for personal examination or printing (in conjunction with this review), we do so in good faith, please don't abuse it.

Recent Videos

Unless otherwise noted images taken with no particular settings at full resolution. Because our review images are now hosted on the 'galleries' section of dpreview.com, you can enjoy all of the new galleries functionality when browsing these samples.

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Video samples

Touchscreen refocusing during recording

Canon EOS 100D + EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5.5-6 IS STM refocusing during movie recording. Video starts focused on the foreground (left of frame) and is then refocused using the touchscreen, to the centre, right, then back to the left again.

Video sample 1

This movie, shot handheld at wideangle, gives an impression of the sound quality from the 100D's mono mic and the effectiveness of the 18-55 STM's image stabilisation during recording.

Video sample 2

This movie was also shot handheld, but this time towards the long end of the zoom.