Eric Hayman, author of the RAW conversion tools Bibble and MacBibble has just sent me a note that MacBibble 3.0 is now available. Major new features include support for raw files from D1/X/H/100, Fuji S2, Kodak 720x/760, Oly E10/E20, dramatic speed improvments (multithreading), Photoshop 7.0 support, support for OSX and OS9, Improved browser and much more.

Press Release:

MacBibble 3.0 Posted, Upto 10X faster then the Mfgrs

"What-do-you-mean your Mac processes Raw files faster than my PC??!"

Completely New and redesigned version posted with new user interface, amazing speed, "Kodak Color" and support for new cameras.

Aside from the New interface and Support for new cameras, one of the most exciting things about the new MacBibble is its raw Speed.� MacBibble has been Optimized to take full advantage of the Altivec core and dual processors available in modern G4 Macintosh's yielding speeds that can be almost *10* times faster then the manufactures software and faster than a top of the line Windows box.

Process 100 D1X Raw files to 3008x1960 Jpegs.

Macintosh Dual 1Ghz G4 Tower, 512MB ram, Os 10.2

MacBibble 3.0������������ :� 5 minutes, 50 seconds.

Nikon Capture 3.5������ : 52 minutes, 42 seconds.

That isn't a typo. 6 minutes vs 1 hour for *100* full quality images.

Default options were used in each program, save auto-leveling was disabled in MacBibble as Nikon Capture does not perform it automatically. Turning it on would negligibly increase the processing times for MacBibble.

Similar gains can be expected from other supported cameras. In addition, the image pipeline has been rewritten to deliver improved sharpness, clarify and color over previous versions.

MacBibble can always be found at its new home:

Since this version is such a major change the normal summary of changes sent out would be way to long. Instead I will merely rattle off some bullet points. You can find a more complete list on the website at or even more detail including performance timings at

Major new items in 3.0 Include:

  • Dramatic improvements in speed (virtually instant opening of raw files, and batch processing twice upto 10x� faster as the other guys) Full Compressed .Nef support
  • Support for new cameras, MacBibble now does raw files from D1/X/H/100, Fuji S2, Kodak 720x/760, Oly E10/E20. All new camera Profiles and Professional Kodak Digital Science color engine.
  • Photoshop 7.0 Support under OSX (Including Browser and proper handling of Jpeg colorspaces).
  • OSX and OS9 supported.
  • Firewire support for D1 Family
  • Super Fast.
  • IPTC Captioning support.
  • Persistent Live Options.
  • Improved browser (Edit thumbs, rotate .nefs, sorting, sizes, etc).
  • Fully Multithreaded to take advantage of Dual CPU Machines.
  • Optimized for G4 Altivec.
  • Faster.
  • Sticky dialogs.
  • Color Profiles Embedded and read in Jpegs.
  • Complete .pdf manual!

And did I mention it was fast?

While this version has been tested for quite some time by a number of our "top men", it is a complete redesign and as such it is possible some bugs slipped through, If you find one, drop me an email at bibble@bibblelabs.comand let me know the problem and I'll get it squared away ASAP. Now that this version is complete, I will once again get back to fairly regular incremental updates.

Also due to the amount of work involved and the revolutionary nature of this version, it is being treated as a new product and will require re-registration. Recent registrants will get a free upgrade, older users will get a discount. Full details can be found on the upgrade page at Additionally, the price of Bibble will be increase on June 1st.

Even if you tried MacBibble in the past and decided it wasn't for you, I would strongly encourage you to try the new version. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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