Please note that this review refers to a service that is no longer available. This article has been archived and we have deleted all links to the photokeeper service. 'Photokeeper' is a trademark of PHOTO AND VIDEO SYNC, CLOUD STORAGE, AND PICTURE EDITING, INC.


Cloud storage offers many benefits over local storage, including the ability to access content anywhere and, in some cases, automatic syncing across devices. Some cloud services like Flickr, Google Photos, and 500px are dedicated solely to image storage, and as such their features are optimized for the needs of photographers.

While photography-centric cloud storage is dominated by a few big players like Google, ample options exist outside of that core group, and one such option is Uconomix Technologies', a subscription-based photography cloud solution that offers a trio of paid storage tiers and ample features.

What kind of features are included? How do they compare to those of PhotoKeeper's competitors? We tried out the service to find out. key features

  • Tiered subscription plans ($3.99/month for 200GB, $6.99/mo 500GB, $11.99/mo 1TB)
  • Automatic photo backups
  • Support for major desktop and mobile operating systems
  • Robust organization and search systems
  • Tools for interfacing with clients
  • Dynamic albums for increased organization
  • Both individual and batch downloads available
  • Images can be shared with major services from within PhotoKeeper

In Use

The PhotoKeeper interface is very straightforward and its array of tools are presented at all times at the top of the screen, making it possible for users to immediately use the service without hunting for a particular feature or feeling overwhelmed by menus. As such, PhotoKeeper's appeal is immediate, and digging into the features only strengthens that initial positive impression.

View options

Photos are presented as medium-sized thumbnails on the account's home page, and they are browsed in a linear fashion by scrolling down. Double-clicking an image will pull it up in a hovering window that darkens the surrounding content. A download icon and two navigation icons (forward and back) are presented beneath the preview window, as well as the image's number within the full content library.

Storing a large number of images on PhotoKeeper will result in a prompt appearing if you scroll too far down; it will advise you that there are too many images to load, and that you'll need to narrow down your browsing using filters.

That leads into the 'Filter' functionality, which is hidden within a collapsed menu bar at the top of the image library. Clicking on the menu will reveal several filtering options for narrowing down content using different parameters like ratings, storage locations, tags, searches that have been saved, yearly timelines, EXIF data, file size, the device with which the images were taken, specific dates and date ranges.

The filter menu can be collapsed again simply by clicking on it.

For times when faster, more casual searches are needed, there's also an option to type a search term in the search text field at the top of the screen. Any content related to the search term will be presented as thumbnails.

A trio of other viewing methods are also available. The 'Map' feature located in the upper menu presents a global map with location markers in certain regions and thumbnails of images with geotags indicating they were taken in those areas. This feature only presents images that have geographical info, and makes it easy to locate content taken a specific city, state, or country.

Next is 'Album' view, which is located in the menu next to 'Map'. It presents any albums that have been created.

Finally, there's 'Relive', which is a slideshow-like viewing feature that presents random images in fullscreen with slow zoom-in and fade-out animations. The images are presented randomly and can be set to fill the entire display. Users can return to the account's home page by hitting 'Esc' or clicking the 'Home' icon.

Please note that this review refers to a service that is no longer available. This article has been archived and we have deleted all links to the photokeeper service. 'Photokeeper' is a trademark of PHOTO AND VIDEO SYNC, CLOUD STORAGE, AND PICTURE EDITING, INC.