The Rode iXY Mic for Apple iOS devices has been available for some time but the company has just updated its hardware to support Apple's newer Lightning connector.

This means the new iXY Mic will work with the iPhone 5, 5S, 5C and future Apple products with the same connection. The new microphone features rubber mounts for each device to ensure proper fit and help reduce noise caused by vibration. Also included is a foam windshield for outdoor recording to help in high wind conditions. If you’re looking to handhold or mount the microphone to the top of your camera the RodeGrip is available as an additional accessory for $40.

The iXY itself is powered by Rode’s recently updated Rode Rec app which can digitally convert the stereo sound picked up by the 1/2 inch condenser capsules into a high quality 24-bit/96Hz file. The app also allows you to edit and export to many audio formats such as WAV, AIFF, AAC, Apple Lossless or FLAC. As a backup or a quick way to share your audio you can upload to FTP, SoundCloud or Dropbox all within the app.

While many DSLR video shooters have invested in Zoom or Tascam products for their external microphone needs, a phone accessory provides a number of benefits aside from convenience. These days hardware with app support is subject to updates and features more frequently than non-app-supported competitors that often don’t change after they've been shipped.

The new iXY Mic will be available soon at a price of $199.

Peter Walkowiak is a contributing writer for DPReview.