Phase One, Mamiya and lighting manufacturer Profoto have jointly announced the V-Grip Air, a vertical grip with built-in wireless flash trigger. The V-Grip Air, designed for the Phase One and Mamiya 645DF cameras allows wireless flash control at sync speeds up to 1/1600s. The wireless system works with all current and most modern Profoto flash systems and can be used with other makers' flashes using an optional Profoto transceiver unit. The grip will be priced at $1290/€990 while the transceiver unit for third-party flashes costs $199/€149.

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Phase One, Mamiya and Profoto announce First Vertical Grip With Built-in Flash Technology

The Phase One/Mamiya V-Grip Air for Phase One & Mamiya 645DF Cameras
was co-developed with Profoto

COPENHAGEN, TOKYO, and STOCKHOLM, August 23, 2010 -- Phase One and Mamiya,  leaders in open platform medium format digital camera systems and solutions, and Profoto, the light shaping company, today announced the Phase One/Mamiya V-Grip Air. This is the first product resulting from these companies’ collaboration.

The Phase One/Mamiya V-Grip Air is not only the first vertical grip with a built-in wireless flash trigger; it is also the first and only wireless flash sync solution for a medium format camera system that is capable of delivering sync speeds as fast as 1/1600s.  The new V-Grip also offers owners of Phase One and Mamiya 645DF cameras more shooting styles, and delivers longer camera battery life through power integration and easy firmware upgrades.

“Profoto’s innovative flash system technology is legendary in our time,” said Henrik Håkonsson, President and CEO, Phase One.  “Profoto’s commitment to system diversity complements Phase One’s open platform approach to ensure photographers have options to choose the best systems to support their unique requirements.”

“Profoto is recognized globally as producing the most innovative flash equipment in the industry” says president of Mamiya Digital Imaging, Toshio Midorikawa. “By combining resources with Profoto, Mamiya and Team Phase One, we are able to offer photographers the most practical tools for their profession.”

Built-in flash technology from Profoto lets photographers trigger a flash simply and wirelessly from the V-grip Air. The wireless flash triggering system is an out-of-the-box solution that works with all current and most modern Profoto flash systems. It is also possible to leverage the wireless flash triggering with other flash brands by using an optional receiver unit from Profoto.

“We share Phase One’s and Mamiya’s passion for pushing the limits for our customers,” said Anders Hedebark, CEO, Profoto. “It is great to be working with companies that lead the medium format market in applied innovation for photographers. Our cooperation in designing the V-grip Air marks the beginning of new and better workflow tools we plan to be offering to professional photographers in the future.”

The V-Grip Air unit features all the same camera controls and functionality as on the 645DF camera. An integrated L-bracket is available for portrait-mode mounting on a stand. The unit runs on the same type of battery used in Phase One and Leaf digital backs with a backup option to use standard AA type batteries. 

The Phase One/Mamiya V-Grip Air for Phase One and Mamiya 645DF camera systems is priced at $1290/€990. An L-bracket/handstrap standalone package is $299/€229. Products may be ordered from Phase One, Leaf and Mamiya partners.  Please see: or  For Phase One partner information, please see: Phase One:

The Profoto transceiver is $199/ €149 and is available from Profoto. More information is available at