Apple has today announced Aperture, a new digital photography workflow, organization and manipulation application aimed specifically at professional photographers. Aperture includes advanced RAW workflow, a unique user interface and an interesting feature called Stacks, which groups images together based on the time differential between shots. In addition Apple has also announced new Powerbook models, a new quad processor Power Mac and lower prices on its Cinema HD displays.

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Apple Aperture



  • Import images directly from cameras and storage devices
    • Compact Flash I, II and Microdrive
    • Memory Stick and Memory Stick Duo
    • Secure Digital, MultiMedia, and SmartMedia cards
    • xD Picture cards
  • Drag files in from any volume (preserves Finder folder hierarchy)
  • Browse and import directly from iPhoto library

File Formats

  • Native RAW import and editing from leading dSLR cameras
    • CRW, NEF, TIF, CR2, OLY, DNG
  • Compatible with all major still image formats

Photo Management

  • Work with thousands of projects
  • High-performance database
  • Organize photos into projects and albums
  • Include up to 10,000 “master” images per Project with as many “versions” as needed
  • Create albums from any combination of images
  • Combing photos from multiple projects into albums
  • Search using Smart Albums based on metadata queries
  • One-click archival and backup
  • Backup to multiple drives concurrently
  • Aperture tracks backup status and location of all images

Image Processing

  • Non-destructive image processing
  • Master image becomes locked digital negative
  • Create alternate versions without using extra disk space
  • Photographer’s “Essential” non-destructive editing tools
    • Exposure
    • Histogram
    • Crop
    • Highlights & Shadows
    • Sharpen
    • RGB Channel Mixer
    • Levels
    • White Balance
    • Straighten
    • Red Eye Correction
    • Noise Reduction
  • Modify and suspend adjustments at any time
  • Dust, spot, blemish, red-eye, and patch tools
  • Lift and Stamp tool to copy and paste adjustments
  • Use Stacks to manage alternate versions
  • Seamless Photoshop integration
    • One-click export directly into Photoshop as .PSD or TIFF
    • Native support for flattened or single-layer .PSD files
    • Manage Photoshop-generated image versions

Compare & Select Tools

  • Stacks
    • Group sequences of shots together
    • Automatically group bursts and bracketed shots
    • Manually stack alternate shots
    • Collapse entire shoots down to selects
  • Full-screen workspace for comparing images
  • View multiple images side-by-side
  • Simultaneously zoom multiple images
  • Compare Mode for selecting shots
  • Digital Loupe tool for magnifying images
  • Digital Light Table for organizing images and creating comp layouts


  • ColorSync color managed output
  • On-screen soft proofing
  • Embed ColorSync and ICC profile data during file export
  • Embed IPTC metadata during file export
  • Expert local printing
    • Images
    • Customizable contact sheets
    • Light Table comps
    • Proofs
  • Gamma adjustment
  • Black point compensation
  • Order color-managed prints online
  • Integrated layout and authoring tools for web
  • Integrated layout and authoring tools for books
  • Fully customizable template library
  • High-resolution book printing
  • One-click .Mac web publishing

User Interface

  • Professional interface designed for photographic work
  • Color-neutral UI palette
  • Adjustable background luminance
  • Customizable window layouts
  • Variable size thumbnails
  • Heads-up displays, tools, and controls
  • Full-screen mode for single or multiple displays


  • Comprehensive IPTC and EXIF metadata support
  • View, extract or add any metadata
  • Define custom metadata sets
  • Customize display of metadata throughout entire worfkflow
  • Add metadata automatically to batches on import
  • Embed IPTC metadata on export
  • Powerful Query tool for searching, sorting and sifting
  • Lift and Stamp tool for copying and pasting metadata
  • EXIF Metadata Tags
    • Version Name, Image Date, Make, Model, Master Pixel Size, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Focal Length, ISO Speed Rating, Aspect Ratio, Orientation, Depth, Color Space, Exposure Mode, Flash, Serial Number, Lens Minimum, Maximum Lens, Lens Maximum, Color Model, Profile Name, Badges, Capture Day of Month, Capture Day of Week, Capture Hour of Day, Capture Month of Year, Capture Year, EXIF Version, Flash Pixel Version, Pixel Height, Pixel Width, Software
  • IPTC Metadata Tags
    • Caption, Keywords, Credit, Copyright Notice, Object Name, City, Province/State, Country Name, Special Instructions, Byline, Category, Date Created, Headline, Source, Action Advised, Audio Duration, Audio Out cue, Audio Sampling Rate, Audio Sampling Resolution, Audio Type, Byline Title, Contact, Content Location Code, Content Location Name, Country Code, Digital Creation Date, Digital Creation Time, Edit Status, Editorial Update, Expiration Date, Expiration Time, Fixture Identifier, Image Orientation, Image Type, Language Identifier, Object Attribute Reference, Object Cycle, Object Type Reference, Original Transmission, Originating Program, Reference Date, Reference Number, Reference Service, Release Date, Release Time, Sub-Location, Subject Reference, Supplemental Categories, Time Created, Urgency, Writer/Editor
  • Personal Metadata Tags
    • Backyard, Beach, Birthday, Family, Holiday, Home, Kids, Pool, School, Vacation,
  • Photo Specs Metadata Tags
    • Image type, Action, Aerial, Background, Close-up, Conceptual, Full body, Group, Headshot, Indoor, Landscape, Outdoor, Portrait, Profile, Silhouette, Still life, Time exposure, Orientation, Landscape, Portrait, Square, Scans, 35mm print, 35mm transparency, Large format, Medium format, Panorama, Time, Day, Night, Sunrise, Sunset
  • Photojournalism Metadata Tags
    • Arts, Conceptual, Environment, Feature, Magazine, Nature, News, Domestic, Election, General, International, Newspaper, Personality, Photo essay, Portrait, Sequence, Sports, Action, Feature, Individual, Team
  • Stock Metadata Tags
    • Abstract, Agriculture, Animals, Architecture, Backgrounds, Business, Celebrations, City, Culture, Documentary, Education, Entertainment, Fantasy, Fine art, Flowers, Food, Glamour, Government, Health, Historic, Holiday, Homes, Industry, International, Landscapes, Leisure, Lifestyles, Manufacturing, Medical, Military, Models, Nature, Nautical, Nostalgia, Outdoors, People, Adults, Baby, Boy, Children, Couple, Girl, Man, Woman, Political, Recreation, Religion, Science, Signs, Sports, Still life, Symbols, Technology, Tourism, Traditional, Transportation, Travel, Underwater, Vintage, Weather, Wildlife
  • Wedding Metadata Tags
    • Candids, Ceremony, Details, Architectural, Cake, Clothes, Fabrics, Faces, Flowers, Hands, Rings, Table setting, Guests, Portraiture, Creative, Formals, Silhouettes, Preparations, Decorations, Dressing, Flowers, Hair, Makeup, Receiving line, Reception, Cake cutting, First dance, Last dance, Table shots, Toasts, Sequences, Transportation, Carriage, Limo, Vows, Wedding party, Best man, Bride, Bridesmaid, Groom, Groomsman, Maid of honor, Usher