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We figured with the sad news regarding the inevitable sale of Olympus' camera division, it'd be nice to celebrate the company's history designing some of the coolest film (and digital) cameras of all time. This week's Film Friday comes to us from our new friends at, another excellent resource for film camera reviews and analog nerdery.

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From half-framers, to TLRs, to pocketable rangefinders, to the cult-classic and now impossibly-overpriced mju-II (Stylus Epic) compact, Olympus' film camera portfolio is truly remarkable. Hit the link below and have a look for yourself at 10 classic Olympus film cameras. And we won't judge at all if your next step is to pick one up on Ebay or Craigslist.

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About Film Fridays: We recently launched an analog forum and in a continuing effort to promote the fun of the medium, we'll be sharing film-related content on Fridays, including articles from our friends at KosmoFoto and 35mmc.