Pre-Photokina 2006: Pentax has posted some very brief information about three new digital-only DA* (star) lenses which utilize built-in Supersonic motors for focusing and are likely to be environmentally sealed to match the recently announced K10D. The lenses are the DA* 16-50 mm F2.8 ED AL [IF], DA* 50-135 mm F2.8 ED [IF] and the DA* 60-250 mm F4 ED [IF]. On a digital SLR with a 1.5x FOV crop (such as the K10D) these lenses will provide an equivalent field-of-view of 24 - 75 mm, 75 - 202.5 mm and 90 - 375 mm. According to available information these lenses should be available in March 2007.

Click here for the Pentax Lens roadmap (PDF)

Pentax DA* lenses