The XiStera is designed to be made of a stainless steel component over molded with a rigid and shiny rubber called TPV Santoprene.

One of the more interesting Kickstarter projects we've seen lately is XiStera, an all-in-one smartphone tool that promises to do just about everything the mobile photographer on the go might require.

This smartphone gadget serves as a lens adapter, stand, tripod mount, headphone wrap and stylus for your iPhone 5. It also works as a bottle opener and key chain, and can attach an optional LED light to your phone.

Watch the XiStera in action: 

With the XiStera already accomplishing above and beyond its $19,000 Kickstarter goal, its creators have dreamt up three more stretch goals to expand the XiStera possibilities through its June 8th fundraising deadline. Until the device is actually in production, it's tough to speculate about its performance, but we'll look forward seeing if it fits as a pocketable Swiss army knife for smartphone shooters.