Premium tripod manufacturer Gitzo has released updates to its well-known Traveler range of carbon fiber tripods. The company has introduced its Carbon eXact carbon fiber tubing to the range, which it claims makes the legs stiffer and thus stronger. Gitzo describes Carbon eXact as High Modulus carbon fiber, indicating that it has a higher resistance to bending than normal carbon fiber, but it doesn't actually specify what the tensile modulus is. The tubes used in the leg sections are also wider than in previous models, with Gitzo explaining that the lower section of the Series 1 5-section tripod has a diameter 40% greater than before.

The company has also included its slimmest tripod, the Series 0, in the Traveler range for the first time. This will be a 4-section model that collapses small, but which extends to only 48.23in/122.5cm.

The Series 1 four-section tripod with head

Also introduced to the Traveler range is a new leg lock that Gitzo calls Traveler G-Lock. This has a newly rounded rubber grip that the company says allows greater purchase for tightening and releasing, and an internal O-ring that helps to prevent the ingress of dirt and damp. Significantly, the new design allows taller tripods to be made which fold to a smaller size.

The company will sell the Traveler tripods legs-only or paired with the new center ball heads it announced recently. For monopod fans, the 6-section Series 2 Monopod has been given Carbon eXact Tubes, the Traveler G-Locks and a more stable foot.

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Traveler Series Pricing

  • Traveler Series 0 4-section GT0545T, $679.99/£559.95
  • Traveler Series 1 4-section GT1545T, $739.99
  • Traveler Series 1 5-section GT1555T, $769.99/£639.95
  • Traveler Series 2 4-section GT2545T, $869.99/£719.95
  • Traveler Series 0 4-section GK0545T-82TQD head, $899.99/£749.95
  • Traveler Series 1 4-section GK1545T-82TQD head, $959.99/£799.95
  • Traveler Series 1 5-section GK1555T-82TQD head, $989.99/£819.95
  • Traveler Series 2 4-section GK2545T-82QD head, $1,099.99/£919.95
  • Traveler Series 2 Monopod GM2562T, $289.99/£239.95

Press release:

Gitzo Revamps Renowned Traveler Tripod Range with New Technologies and Features

Upper Saddle River, N.J. (August 18, 2015) – Gitzo, a leading manufacturer of photographic supports, accessories and bags, has refreshed its popular range of Traveler Tripods with the introduction of new tripods and kits. Often imitated but never matched in quality or performance, the new Gitzo Traveler Tripods feature the brand’s new and improved Center Ball Heads providing photographers with the ultimate in smoothness and precision. The new Traveler Tripods feature the 180° leg folding mechanism pioneered by Gitzo and have been made even stronger and more durable thanks to Gitzo’s state-of-the-art “Carbon eXact” tubes. Gitzo’s photographic products are distributed by Manfrotto Distribution, Inc.

In 1994, Gitzo first revolutionized the use of carbon fiber in tripods with the release of the original Mountaineer series. Then, in 2005, they introduced the Carbon 6X technology and more recently raised the bar with the introduction of its Carbon eXact tubes. Significantly stiffer than the Carbon 6X, Gitzo’s Carbon eXact tubes are manufactured using High Modulus (HM) carbon fiber and also feature larger tube diameters, improving performance without sacrificing weight. The new Traveler Tripods also boast Gitzo’s new Traveler G-lock technology, an improved compact leg lock system that makes it possible to have taller tripods with compact folded lengths. The new curved external form of G-lock gives users a good grip, while the internal O-ring achieves softer operation and reduces dust and grit from entering the locks and hindering operation.

Gitzo Traveler tripods now include a short column for faster switching to ground-level position, new feet for Series 0 and 1 models to save space and increase stability, and a shoulder strap for added convenience when traveling or switching between carrying and shooting.

The new Gitzo Traveler Tripod range includes:

  • Series 0: The slimmest Series 0 (GT0545T) has been added to the Traveler family for the first time. It features slim legs and is the lightest in the range, but does not lose its rigidity due to Gitzo’s new Carbon eXact tubes. This four-section tripod has the shortest closed length of 14.4” but can extend to a maximum height of 48.2”. The Series 0 Traveler Tripod can accept a maximum payload of 22 lbs. weighing at a mere 2.0lbs.
  • Series 1: The Series 1 Traveler Tripod has the perfect balance between height and rigidity when shooting, and is lightweight when carrying. The Series 1 five-section Traveler (GT1555T) can reach a superb height of 54.3” and can support up to 22 lbs. The Series 1 four-section Traveler tripod (GT1545T) is much taller than its predecessor thanks to the space efficient Traveler G-lock, reaching 60.2”, and can also support 22lbs. Both Series 1 Traveler Tripods weigh in at a mere 2.3 lbs.
  • Series 2: The Series 2 four-section (GT2545T) has the largest tube diameters of the Gitzo Traveler Tripod family and is ideal for photographers who use longer lenses and require the utmost stability and torsion rigidity. The tripod can accept Gitzo’s optional feet, including spikes and large feet. It reaches a maximum height of 60.8”, weighs 2.9lbs, and can accept a max payload of up to 26 lbs.

The Traveler series are sold as legs only or as kits. The kits are paired with Gitzo’s extremely balanced and versatile Center Ball Heads, which focus on ultimate smoothness and precision of the movement and secure locking. Gitzo’s Center Ball Heads are available in three different sizes (GH1382TQD, GH1382QD and GH3382QD) and can also be paired with the brand’s sought after Mountaineer Tripods. The Center Ball Heads’ tungsten disulfide coating minimizes the irritating jerky movement effect and ensures strong locking with minimum effort. Independent pan lock is available in all three sizes of the new head, making it possible to capture panoramic photos or make horizontal adjustments for perfect framing. Friction control is also available (GH1382QD and GH3382QD) and it functions independently from the ball lock knob, allowing the ball lock to have quick locking. The plate is locked with a screw-knob, which makes the system compact, light and intuitive, while being flexible to accept most Arca-Swiss style places from a variety of brands. The new Center Ball Heads have slim, curved forms with a triangular accent and matte grey steel top castings. The GH1382TQD and GH1382QD are designed to fit seamlessly between the legs of the Traveler Tripods.

To complete the enhanced Traveler series, Gitzo has also introduced a new Series 2 Traveler monopod (GM2562T). The most compact 6-section monopod from Gitzo, the Series 2 Traveler monopod incorporates the new Carbon eXact and Traveler G-lock technologies found in the tripods, making it stronger and more versatile than ever.

The range of Traveler tripods, monopod and Center Ball Heads are available now, with some release dates later this year:

Traveler Series

  • GT0545T, $679.99
  • GT1545T, $739.99
  • GT1555T, $769.99
  • GT2545T, $869.99
  • GK0545T-82TQD, $899.99
  • GK1545T-82TQD, $959.99
  • GK1555T-82TQD, $989.99
  • GK2545T-82QD, $1,099.99
  • GM2562T, $289.99

Center Ball Head Series

  • GH1382TQD, $319.99
  • GH1382QD, $369.99
  • GH3382QD, $449.99 (Available Nov 2015)

Mountaineer Kit Updates (with new center ball head)

  • GK1542-82QD, $999.99
  • GK2542-82QD, $1,149.99 (Available Dec 2015)
  • GK3532-82QD, $1,199.99 (Available Dec 2015)

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