Thanks to an anonymous contact who sent us a datasheet on Sony's newest consumer grade CCD for digital still cameras. The ICX282 is the latest in a series of CCD sensors and is the direct progression from the ICX252 seen in many of this years 3 megapixel digital cameras. A leap in resolution and more interestingly the sensor's size has increased to 2/3" (11 mm diagonally), thus unit size (pixel size) is almost the same (3.4µm vs. 3.45µm).

The graph above shows the development of the ICX2xx series of Sony CCD's since late 1997, the ICX252 is the 3 megapixel CCD used in many of todays 3 megapixel digital cameras, this means next year we can probably expect to see not 4 megapixel but 5 megapixel digital cameras.. And with new optical systems to cope with the increased sensor size.

Sony ICX282 Specifications

Image size 2/3", 11mm (diagonal)
Colour filter array GRGB (primary colour), CYGM (complementary)
Aspect ratio


Total number of pixels 2658 x 1970 (5.24 M)
Number of active pixels 2588 x 1960 (5.07 M)
Number of effective pixels 2580 x 1944 (5.02 M)
Recommended recorded pixels 2560 x 1920 (4.92 M)
Pixel size (unit size) 3.4µm x 3.4µm
Horizontal drive frequency 22.5 Mhz
Sensitivity (complementary) 320 mV; 3200K and 706cd/m2, F5.6, and 1/30s accumulation
Sensitivity (primary) 270 mV; 3200K and 706cd/m2, F5.6, and 1/30s accumulation
Saturation signal 450 mV
Signal to noise ratio -90dB (-78dB at 8 x speed mode)
Full frame rate 3.75 fps @ full res
7.49 fps @ half res
29.9 fps @ 1/eighth res
Center frame rate
(for LCD output)
14.98 fps @ 484 lines
26.35 fps @ 246 lines
7.02 fps @ 968 lines
11.9 fps @ 492 lines
AF frame rate 59.9 fps @ 104 lines
119.8 fps @ 34 lines
Package dimensions 16.0 x 14.2 x 2.9 mm