The market for consumer compact cameras has has been all but eradicated by the rise of the smartphone and its ever improving built-in cameras. Google Glass and other wearable devices could, once produced and sold in larger quantities, be the next innovation to have a significant impact on the consumer imaging market. Unsurprisingly neither electronics nor camera manufacturers would want to miss out on the huge potential of this new category of devices. There have been rumors of a Samsung Galaxy Glass device coming for a while and we've seen similar concepts from lesser known manufacturers, too.

Now it seems Olympus is one of the first traditional camera manufacturers to jump on the band wagon. The guys from 4/3 Rumors have found a newly published Oly patent (JP2013/075623) that describes a device that looks very similar to the original Google Glass and comes with either one or two transparent screens in front of the wearer's eye. 

The fact that the Japanese manufacturer might be planning such a device is interesting because of the fact that earlier Olympus patents describe how the live view image from a camera could be projected to the screen of a head-mounted wearable device, which opens up interesting possibilities related to remote capture.

Source: FPO | Via: 4/3 Rumors