Sony have just announced the MSA-64A memory stick. The chewing-gum sized stick now expands the range of available MemorySticks from 4MB to 64MB, meaning that Sony have now overtaken SmartMedia as far as storage capacity per physical size is concerned. Availability (in Japan) will be November 21st, MSRP price is 20,000 YEN (US$160 - $2.5/MB).

The MemoryStick is currently used in the DSC-F55, in the D700 & D770 by way of a PCMCIA adapter and will be used in the upcoming DSC-F505.

Sony 64MB MemoryStick


Storage Capacity 64MB
Connection 10 pins
Interface Serial
Forward Clock 20MHz or less
Writing speed 1.5MB/s or less
Reading speed 2.45MB/s or less
Power supply voltage 2.7V - 3.6V
Consumption ~ 45mA in operation, 130 micro A in standby
Size 21.5 x 50 x 2.8 mm
Weight 4 grams

MemoryStick product line

Name Capacity Price YEN (US$)
MSA-4A 4MB 3,300 (US$27)
MSA-8A 8MB 4,400 (US$36)
MSA-16A 16MB 7,700 (US$63)
MSA-32A (Sept 99) 32MB 12,000 (US$98)
MSA-64A (Nov 99) 64MB 20,000 (US$164)

The timing of this press release fits nicely into Sonys week long camaign on their up coming DSC-F505 (announced tomorrow), the availability of 64MB MemorySticks now makes using such a camera a much more convenient experience.