Pixels.com is a new image licensing marketplace that aims to give photographers more control than competing services. Users can set their own prices for images and manage the type of licenses they want to offer. There is even an option to create custom licenses with your own terms and conditions. 

The site builds on its founder's print-on-demand business, FineArtAmerica.com, where artists and photographers can sell their artwork and images as canvas prints, framed prints, greeting cards, and other print products. FineArtAmerica already has 250,000 artists and photographers in its community and more than 10 million monthly visitors, so image licensing is a logical next step. 

Like on other platforms, potential buyers on Pixels.com can browse images and search based on license type, medium, orientation, color, and other criteria. However, unlike most of the competition, photographers set their own price, which Pixel.com marks up by 30%. This is a very different model to most other stock image providers who generally pay smaller commissions and leave photographers with little control over pricing.

The stock image market is generally suffering from heavy competition and low prices. Getty Images, one of the market leaders, recently allowed free low-resolution embedding of images on non-commercial 'blogs and social media', in an attempt to address unauthorized image use. In this context Pixel.com looks like a very appealing option for photographers who want to market their images. The future will tell if it's equally attractive to image buyers.