Olympus has released firmware version 3.1 for its SP-560UZ superzoom, allowing the camera to wirelessly control multiple Olympus flash units such as the FL-50R and FL-36R. the update is available to download now via Olympus Master 2 software, update instructions and a guide to using the wireless system follows after the jump.

Click here for information on updating firmware via Olympus Master 2

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SP-560UZ: Manual for Shooting with the Olympus Wireless RC Flash System

Wireless flash shooting is possible with the Olympus wireless RC flash system. With this wireless flash system, you can take pictures using multiple wireless flashes. The built-in flash is used to communicate between the camera and the external flashes. For details on using the wireless flash, see the manual of the external flash.

Wireless flash setup range
Position the wireless flash so that the wireless sensor faces the camera. The setup range guidelines are
as shown below. The range changes according to the surrounding environment.

  1. Position the flash while referring to the “Wireless flash setup range”, and turn on the flash.
  2. Press the MODE button on the flash to set it to RC mode, and set the channel and group of the
    flash. Set the group to A (the flash will not operate if B or C is selected).
  3. Select [RC] from [FLASH] on the camera, and then set [CH1] - [CH4] to the same channel
    as the flash. (SP-560UZ Advanced Manual P.30 “FLASH Setting to use an external flash”)
  4. Press [FLASH] button (Flash pop-up) to raise the built-in flash.
  5. Select a flash mode. (Red-eye reduction flash is not possible in RC mode).
  6. After shooting preparations are completed, take some test shots to check the flash operation
    and images.
  7. Begin shooting while checking the charging completed indications of the camera and flash.


  • Although there is no limit to the number of wireless flashes you can use, it is recommended that no more than three flashes be used to prevent flash malfunction due to mutual interference.
  • In RC mode, the built-in flash is used to control the wireless flash. The built-in flash cannot be used for flash shooting in this mode.
  • For rear curtain synchronization, set the shutter speed to within 4 seconds. Wireless flash shooting may not operate properly when using a slower shutter speed.