Billed as a way to bring back the romance of the darkroom in the smartphone era, Enfojer is an indiegogo project which promises to make your smartphone into an enlarger to create real prints. Part app and part hardware, Enfojer enlarges the image displayed on a smartphone's LCD, projecting it onto real photo paper.  The paper is then processed as usual in traditional black and white chemistry. The resulting black and white prints are expected to last around 70 years when processed properly.

The Enfojer app is where you set the development time for each step of the process, including developer, stop bath and fixer. Exposure time is set with a slider.

Though iPhones are shown above, the plan includes apps and cell phone templates for several popular Android and Windows Phone 8 models as well.

Having made exposure settings, the user places the smartphone face down in the enlarger, turns off the room light, adjusts the image in the easel and sets focus
A snap of the fingers turns off the smartphone image and the user is able to position photo paper in the easel
Another snap of the fingers tells the smartphone to begin the image exposure. The smartphone's LCD provides the only light necessary
The user then develops the print in the traditional four-tray black and white process

With Enfojer, users can print up to 20x20cm prints (7.8x7.8 inches). The company plans to offer Ilford photo paper, but users will have to provide their own chemistry, due to complications of shipping chemicals internationally.

Because the source image displayed on an LCD is of a comparatively low resolution, Enfojer's lens is a 'polycarbonate toy camera style meniscus lens,' according to the FAQ, which 'blurs the image just right so you don't see the pixels on your print.' Enfojer can also print negatives, again using the smartphone's LCD as the light source. Later posts mention their intention to include an M39 lens mount due to popular demand. This will allow use of higher-quality enlarger lenses, which would have to be purchased separately.

The Darkroom Commander kit is available for a $450 contribution.

As an indiegogo project, Enfojer is funded by contributions, with sponsorship levels ranging from $10 up to $450. Those contributing $200 get just the enlarger, while those funding at the $250 level get a nearly full kit, including enlarger, trays, the safelight, and 100 sheets of Ilford black and white photo paper. If fully funded, the product is expected to ship in February 2014; a note on the site says the project will still receive funding even if it does not reach its goal.

Enfojer was created by FOJO, a Croatian team of four: Vanda Voloder, Ilija Stjepic, Daniel Bakotic and Leo Gavranic. Having raised just under $12,000 of their $100,000 goal, they have less than a month to go.

Source: ENFOJER indiegogo site