In an effort to constantly improve the service level to our readers we're in the process of improving site design, specifically in the areas of easy of use, loading speed and browser compatibility. You'll see some changes in the site over the next few weeks (the most major of which will be the removal of frames) which will make the site not only look better but work better and load quicker.

I should say also apologies for the server outages, slow downs and connectivity problems we've been suffering, a combination of a good problem (hits growth), server sizing and network problems plagued the site for several days last week. We hope to have this under control now and will be on a new server soon to ensure it doesn't happen again (but this is the Internet yah know...)

Along the "enhancement" lines we've now enhanced our "My Netscape" Portal support to include descriptions with each news item...

Netscapes "My Netscape" Portal has become a popular way to get a customized news page which is fed by news from your favourite sites.

Digital Photography Review has supported this by delivering regular news updates to Netscape and we've now enhanced this to include not only the news item title but also a short description (example shown on the right).

For existing My Netscape users who wish to enable this option simply click on the Customize button then make sure the following checkbox is ticked:

Returning back to your My Netscape page you should now see the short description for each news article.

For those of you who haven't yet added Digital Photography Review to your My Netscape page you can do so by clicking on the icon below:

We're always happy to hear from readers who have enhancement suggestions so please drop us a line.