This is an update, and "we got pictures for yah"

A reader (who will shall remain anonymous) emailed a full specifications sheet (scanned) on the complete range of Kodak DC cameras, which now includes the new D200+, DC240 and DC265. (I'll be adding the 200+ to the database ASAP..)

Kodak DC200 plus

A new camera which boasts a 1152 x 864 resolution (same as existing 210 plus), a fixed 39mm lens which interestingly has a 37mm lens thread (unlike ANY other digicam in the Kodak consumer range except the new 265 which should have an optional adapter kit). (full specs below)

Kodak DC240

A new camera unlike any other in the range, this camera features a 1.3 Megapixel 1280 x 960 resolution with a 3x zoom (39mm - 117mm), included NiMH batteries and charger and flexible shutter speed range of 1/2s to 1/1755s. It also features USB (as per the higher spec'd Kodak DC cameras) and newer CPU and buffers which give it a speedy <2.5s startup time, <1s focus, <0.5s LCD review and <0.2s shutter lag. (full specs below)

Kodak DC240 (click for larger image)
(click for larger image)

Kodak DC265

This camera is almost identical to it's older brother the DC260, the main differences are detailed below:

  • 16MB CompactFlash card as standard (vs. 8MB in DC260)
  • NiMH batteries & charger supplied as standard
  • A new "Super" quality setting (I can't yet confirm if this is an uncompressed mode, but I suspect so)
  • New optional lens thread adapter "available"
  • Burst mode: 0.1 - 3fps up to 6 frames at full size and 24 at low res can be captured
  • Photodeluxe Business Edition & Pagemill supplied software
  • Improved speed: Power up time <5s, image processing time 15s, LCD review speed <0.5s, LCD frame rate 6.5fps

Full specifications of all three cameras