Sony US have also announced the DSC-F505, here's the official word.

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Sony Electronics Inc. today announced the Cyber-shot(TM) DSC-F505, a 2.1 million mega-pixel digital camera that combines Carl Zeiss� lens optics with the industry's only 5X optical zoom to deliver unprecedented image quality. The Cyber-shot DSC-F505 digital camera rounds out Sony's line of Cyber-shot Memory Stick cameras that include the Cyber-shot DSC-F55 and Cyber-shot Pro DSC-D770.

The Cyber-shot DSC-F505 digital camera offers the flexibility of digital imaging with the performance features and manual adjustments that give users precise control over the outcome of their pictures. The Cyber-shot DSC-F505 camera also has a high-speed USB interface to transfer images to a USB-equipped PC 50 times faster than serial connectors. Other Sony features in this unit include MPEG Movie mode, to record mini movies, and a Crop and Save feature, to edit pictures in the camera.

``Digital imaging lets people see, share and enjoy their pictures on their PCs, TVs, in the camera, through the Internet, on a digital frame or with prints,'' said Jay Sato, vice president of digital imaging marketing for Sony Electronics. ``This new Cyber-shot camera gives users the longest zoom in the marketplace with the connectivity benefits of Memory Stick.''

High imaging performance is synonymous with the built-in Carl Zeiss ``Vario-sonar'' lens system that is part of the Cyber-shot DSC-F505 camera. It provides among the best optics systems in the industry to deliver crisp detail and image clarity.

The 5X optical and 10X precision digital zoom (equivalent to a f=38-190mm on a 35mm camera), with macro focus and a manual focus ring, delivers a sharper, clearer picture when zooming-in on the action. Improved interpolation technology delivers cleaner digital zooming with less distortion than other cameras when using digital zoom.

The Cyber-shot DSC-F505 digital camera captures 1600 x 1200 resolution images with a 1/2`` CCD. But, users can also save digital pictures in XGA (1024 x 768) or VGA (640 x 480) sizes.

A number of manual features on the Cyber-shot DSC-F505 camera allow users more control over image capture. These features include: one-button white balance control (auto/indoor/outdoor/one-push); one-button spot meter settings; and programmable auto exposure (AE). The programmed AE mode allows users the selection of the best aperture and shutter speeds for a given scene, lighting or action with: Shutter Speed Priority, Aperture Priority, Twilight Mode/Twilight Plus Mode, Landscape and Pan Focus.

Easy and Fun to Use

The Cyber-shot DSC-F505 features Sony's popular MPEG Movie Mode that lets consumers capture video and audio for business or pleasure. Two modes, either Presentation (320 x 240) or Video Mail (160 x 112) let users decide if they want higher quality video for a presentation or to send a mini movie to friends by e-mail.

With the supplied 4 MB Memory Stick media, the Cyber-shot DSC-F505 digital camera records up to two minutes and 40 seconds of MPEG video in Video Mail mode in one-minute intervals. Recording a voice message and sending it via an e-mail attachment can be done with Voice Memo.

Sony's Playback Zoom with Crop and Save feature lets the consumer edit images during playback by zooming in and cropping the original image. The cropped image is saved as a separate VGA (640 by 480) file.

If users want to copy a one-of-a-kind picture, they can use the camera's Copy feature that duplicates the digital file, whether image, MPEG movie or audio, onto another Memory Stick media.

The Cyber-shot DSC-F505 camera also features picture effects modes that include: Sepia, Black & White, Solarization and Negative Art.

As with all of Sony's Cyber-shot cameras, the Cyber-shot DSC-F505 digital camera uses a rechargeable InfoLithium� battery with AccuPower(TM) meter. The battery has a life of approximately 60 minutes, or 1,100 shots, in still image standard mode. The AccuPower meter, which displays the amount of minutes of battery life remaining on the 2`` LCD monitor, makes unexpectedly running out of battery power no longer a worry.

Adding to the unit's universal options are A/V outputs that switch from PAL to NTSC standards. This allows the user the ability to view their digital images or MPEG movies on any standard television with video inputs in North America or around the world.

The Cyber-shot DSC-F505 camera also includes an RS-232C serial interface to transfer images to virtually any PC.

More Memory, More Connectivity

Sony also introduced 32 and 64 MB Memory Stick and Memory Stick connectivity accessories, including a floppy disk adapter and PC card adapter. These products are designed to facilitate storing, transferring and sharing digital images, MPEG videos or other information on a Memory Stick with desktop and notebook PCs, printers, camcorders, or displays, such as the CyberFrame(TM) tabletop digital frame.

Memory Stick media is an ultra-small integrated circuit storage media that is designed as a powerful, transportable, and reliable tool to quickly and easily share data, text, graphics or digital images between an array of audio, video and PC products.

At 64 MB, Memory Stick media has more than 40 times the storage capacity of a standard 3.5`` floppy disk. This means it can capture approximately 42 minutes of MPEG movies (Video Mail mode) or more than 1,000 still images (640 x 480 resolution) from the Cyber-shot DSC-F505 camera.

Currently Memory Stick media is available in 4, 8 and 16 MB sizes. Memory Stick 32 and 64 MB media will be available in October and December for $109.95 and $189.95 (MSRP), respectively.

Transferring images or MPEG movies to the desktop PC is even easier with the new Memory Stick floppy disk adapter (MSAC-FD1A). Available in November, the adapter will slip into virtually any standard 3.5`` floppy disk slot to give users a fast way to link their Cyber-shot camera with their home PCs. The Memory Stick floppy disk adapter will cost $99.95 (MSRP).

Additionally, Sony announced a high speed Memory Stick PC card adapter (MSAC-PC2) that transfers high-resolution images, or any data, from Memory Stick media to notebook PCs in seconds (approximately 450 KByte/s write, 880 KByte/s read speeds). The Memory Stick PC card adapter (MSAC-PC2) will be available in October for $79.95 (MSRP).

(For more detailed information, specifications sheet and sample images click here)