You'll all be glad (or otherwise) to hear that I've finally got my hands on a production Nikon Coolpix 950 which I'll be reviewing over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully the review will be up before next weekend. I'll also be doing a direct comparison with the Canon Pro 70 (separate from the main review).

Here are a few very quick samples I've taken in the first hour with the camera. Don't draw any conclusions from this, I just wanted to share a couple of shots with all those people who are interested in this camera.

(click on any thumbnail for the original untouched image)

Yes, it's a bottle of Martini, I like the label because it's got lots of fine detail, good for comparisons (later).
1/68s, F3.2, FINE

My eye.. Impressed with this macro as it was taken WITH the flash.
1/60s, F4.0, Flash, FINE

Tammy, macro.
1/11s, F4.0, FINE
Tammy, B/W mode.
1/23s, F2.9, FINE

Please don't draw any conclusions about the camera or my shooting from these shots, they're literally taken from the first few shots out of the camera. I'll be starting the review proper as soon as possible and you won't see any more out of the camera until the review is complete