Kodak Professional adds a range of high-resolution scanning camera backs to its portfolio by teaming up with Better Light Inc. who have for some time used Kodak CCD's in their digital camera backs. Kodak Pro can offer these high-resolution scanning camera backs to the wider International professional audience. Better Light's models range from output of 3,750 x 5,000 all the way to 12,000 x 15,990 pixels.

Press Release:

Kodak Professional Teams With Better Light Inc. to Bring High-Resolution Scanning Camera Backs To Broader Audience

Top 'High End' Capture Option to Combine With Global Sales & Marketing Force

ROCHESTER, N.Y., February 5 - Professional photographers now have a greater choice of high-end digital imaging solutions from Kodak Professional with the coming addition of Better Light scanning camera backs to its professional digital camera portfolio. Equipped with Kodak's highly acclaimed CCD sensors, Better Light scanning camera backs will be available worldwide from authorized dealers of Kodak Professional digital cameras in March.

Better Light scanning camera backs deliver large, high-resolution image files with extraordinary detail, and provide superb tonal range and control of color - making the entire line an excellent choice for a variety of advertising, commercial, reproduction and archival imaging applications. Photographers can select the image file size - up to 549 MB - that is best suited for a project. Better Light camera backs are designed for use with 4x5-format cameras and standard focal-length lenses (as well as several medium-format cameras with an adapter).

"Through Kodak's ongoing relationship with Better Light as its supplier of imaging sensors, we've known and recommended Better Light scanning cameras for some time," said Jay Kelbley, Worldwide Product Development Manager, Kodak Professional. "Now, we're pleased to take our relationship a step further and present to photographers Better Light's best-in-breed solutions for catalog photography and other precise, high-resolution capture applications."

"Our Better Light scanning camera backs are a perfect complement to Kodak Professional's instant-capture digital cameras and backs," said Mike Collette, President, Better Light Inc. "This new relationship will help deliver Better Light camera backs to a wider range of customers around the world, while making Kodak the source of the broadest spectrum of high-end, high-performance digital capture solutions on the market." Key Product Features

Better Light offers four models, all of which utilize Kodak's tri-linear color CCD image sensor technology for exceptional resolution without color aliasing. Its ViewFinder 5 software can dramatically reduce the set-up time required for each scan, while delivering precise control over image capture.

Better Light's Model 4000 offers five resolution settings up to 3,750 x 5,000, the ability to capture 53MB color images in as little as 41 seconds, a 2GB internal disk drive for offline image capture, and Kodak's tri-linear color CCD technology. It saves 8 or 16 bits per color channel (24 or 48-bit color images), and covers a scan area of 72 x 96mm (2.83" x 3.78"). The compact unit includes disk drive, flash memory for easy upgrades, and AC power supply with a universal AC input.

Better Light's Model 6000 offers all the features of the Model 4000, plus eight resolution settings up to 6,000 x 8,000 (137MB RGB file), and the ability to capture high-resolution color images in as little as 66 seconds.

Better Light's flagship models are the Super 6K and Super 8K. The Super 6K offers 12 resolution settings up to 9,000 x 12,000 (309MB RGB file), the ability to capture extremely high-resolution images in as little as 100 seconds, triple 14-bit ADCs for processing up to 194 million pixels per minute, and a 6GB internal disk drive for offline image capture.

The Super 8K offers 18 resolution settings up to 12,000 x 15,990 (549MB RGB file), and the ability to capture the most detailed color images in as little as 200 seconds.