You may have already noticed that we've made a small, but we hope very useful, change to the notifications system, adding on-site notifications for answers to your comments and activity in forum threads you've participated in.

Right now you can opt out of receiving notifications on a per-thread (or per comment) basis, but we will be adding further customization options (and more notifiable events) once we've seen how people use - and react to - the changes. Note that email notifications are unaffected by this change and can still be customized using the settings in your profile.

One other change to forums: you can now edit your posts at any point up until someone replies (i.e. the edit window has been increased from 15 minutes to an indefinite period, pending any reply from another user).

How it works

It's pretty simple; if anyone replies directly to a comment you made or posts in a thread you have participated in you'll see a small red notification flag appear at the top of the site:

The new forums and comment notifications icon and flag

To the right is the Private Message notification icon:

If you click on either icon you'll see a list of unread notifications:

Here you have five options: click on any notification to visit the relevant thread/comment section, dismiss the notification (click on the little 'x') without visiting the page, stop receiving notifications for that thread, mark all notifications as read, or visit the new notifications page (which shows all recent read and unread notifications and gives you subscribe/unsubscribe options).

And that's it. We've been trialling the system internally for a couple of weeks, and we'd love to hear your feedback - as well as any suggestions for how we could make it more useful to you.