The Olympics are always the great proving ground for the latest camera technology, but it's not just Canon's EOS-1D X and Nikon's D4 that are bringing the experience of the games to the wider world. US broadcaster NBC is publishing a series of stitched 'gigapan' images from the different venues - including a 3 gigapixel composite of the opening ceremony. All this resolution allows you to zoom right into the scene - and find your nation's athletes or, as some attendees have begin doing, tag yourself in the audience.

Meanwhile, Japanese broadcaster NHK has been collaborating with the UK's BBC to broadcast the first live, remote 8K footage. There are few screens that can yet show such footage, but tech-site Engadget has written about what it's like to watch and whether 8K really is 'the end of the resolution story.'

To get a fuller understanding of that 8K footage (in which sixty 33MP images per second are delivered over a 500Mb/s IP feed), click here to read our story about the development work NHK has been doing in this area.