The Firmcam gymbal 

Digital and even optical image stabilization in mobile device can only stabilize to a certain degree, and for capturing silky-smooth video while walking or otherwise moving you need to bring in heavier equipment. This is where Firmcam comes in, a company that specializes in camera support and stabilization solutions. 

At its Photokina booth Firmcam is showing a motorized gymbal that works in a very similar way to the Jobo model we had a look at earlier. Like the latter it is designed for smartphones and does not support enough weight for use with a compact camera or DSLR.

If you'd prefer a unit that will also work with compact cameras and small camcorders you should have a closer look at the "Lark" camera stabilizer that does its job using a clever combination of counterweights. It is not as efficient as the motorized solutions but still gets you noticeably more steady footage. It is made out of CNC-manufactured aluminium parts, comes in several colors and has a load capacity of up to 1kg. The Lark can be adjusted to different camera types by moving counterweights and changing the position of the hand grip. It currently retails for 109 Euros (approximately US$140).

The Lark uses counterweights to stabilize your smartphone or camera.