Software: LumaPix has announce the latest version of its FotoFusion image managment and printing software. Formerlly called CollageFactory, the new version 2.0 adds one-click autocollage, drop shadows and frame borders, color correction, final resolution preview, photo swapping, improved printing and a revamped UI.

LumaPix FotoFusion 2.0

The Big Idea

LumaPix FotoFusion is an powerful, friendly tool for creating high-quality collages from digital cameras and other image sources.

  • Effortlessly resize, compress, and send your image collections via E-mail
  • Print poster-size collages on your home printer
  • Upload interactive albums to web sites
  • Save high-resolution collages as image files.
  • E-mail, Print, Publish or Export: FotoFusion does it all!

Things You Don't Need To Worry About

In case you were wondering,

FotoFusion will never delete, modify, move, or otherwise affect your image files. Operations such as rotating, color correcting, or 'removing from the database' in CollageFactory don't touch the original media.

The quality of the collage you see on-screen is good, but doesn't even approach the final image quality you will get when you print, render to a file, or export your images. FotoFusion goes back to your original files and produces absolutely dazzling high-resolution versions for printing or output. You will be amazed. (Note that you can peek at a high-resolution preview at any time if you like.)

What's new in version 2

Version 2.0 was another huge step forwards from version 1.1:

  • One-click autocollage
    • Produce amazing results effortlessly
  • Drop Shadows and Frame borders
    • Set the thickness, color and transparency for borders
  • Interactive Color Correction
    • Fix gamma, brightness and contrast problems smoothly and intuitively
  • Final Resolution Preview
    • Preview of the final results at full resolution at any time
  • Fast Photo Swapping
    • Switch pairs of images fast!
  • Improved Printing
    • Margins can be set directly
  • Completely Revamped UI
    • Gorgeous new look
  • Previewing tool
    • Zoom in on pictures in the image palette, image organizer, autocollage wizard and the collage itself
  • Pixel-dimension collages supported
    • Web Designers can work 'natively' at the final resolution

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