Nikon has released a service advisory for its D600 digital SLR. Based on user complaints, it addresses the widely-reported issue of dust and dirt accumulation on the camera's sensor. In the advisory, Nikon has belatedly acknowledged that at the point where dust becomes visible in images, 'removal may be difficult using normal measures' and advises customers who have exhausted conventional cleaning options to 'consult your nearest Nikon service center', whose technicians will 'examine the camera thoroughly, and service it as needed.'

Although the statement is short on detail - noticeably it offers no explanation of why the D600 specifically is affected in this way, it's good to see that Nikon has finally acknowledged that some D600 owners have indeed seen real problems with dust accumulation on their sensors, which are outside of the normal scope of expectations when using modern DSLRs. 

We noted this issue in our in-depth review of the D600 last year (and have been asking Nikon for more information ever since), but apart from a general statement explaining that sometimes, DSLR sensors need cleaning, today's service advisory is the first time that Nikon has publicly addressed the problem.

Is your D600 in need of attention? See the links below. 

This is what our D600's sensor looked like after one month of use. We covered this issue in our in-depth review of the D600, last year. Click here to read more

US customers click here to read the Service Advisory

European customers click here to read the Service Advisory