Canon have posted new firmware for the Digital IXUS (S100 ELPH), PowerShot G1 and PowerShot Pro90 IS. This firmware addresses several issues with all of the above mentioned cameras. The firmware can be downloaded and user installed by simply placing the firmware update file on a compact flash card and turning on the camera (ensure you're using the AC adapter or a fully charged battery).

Canon PowerShot Pro90 IS firmware

  • Modifying the white balance in shooting when off-powered Canon SpeedLite EX series (220EX/ 380EX/ 420EX/ 550EX) is mounted on the camera
  • Improving that user can select the combination of shutter speed of 1/800 sec. and up to aperture of F2.8 in Tv (shutter speed priority AE) shooting mode

NOTE: As no Pro90's have shipped yet in the US we understand that all Pro90's destined for the US market will already be loaded with firmware

Canon PowerShot G1 firmware

  • It is no longer necessary to reset the date at the end of the month.
  • An underexposure problem that occurred in low light when an EX-series Speedlite (220EX/380EX/420EX/550EX) was mounted on the camera but turned off has been solved.
  • Speedlites 160E and 200E will now flash when they are mounted on the PowerShot G1. However, since they are not EX-series Speedlites, they will fire at full strength. (Automatic flash exposure on the PowerShot G1 is only available with the built-in flash or an EX-series Speedlite.)
  • The problem that sometimes the shutter clicking sound does not emit has been solved.

Canon Digital IXUS (S100 ELPH) firmware

  • With PowerShot S100 Firmware Update, it is no longer necessary to reset the date at the end of the month.