Renowned advertising and commercial shooter Peter Hurley is the subject of a video in a series called #BehindtheGlass, where the New York and Los Angeles based photographer talks candidly about his non-traditional path into the industry. 

Hurley spent his post college days training to be an Olympic athlete in competitive sailing, but failed to make the cut in 1996. In a twist of fate he met a designer Donna Karan and DKNY sponsored him for his Olympic bid. That lead to a modeling gig for Ralph Lauren where he met legendary photographer Bruce Weber, who become a big influence in Hurley’s life. 

This is only the beginning of how Hurley became a photographer. It’s one of those head-smacking, jaw-dropping stories that shows photography is part skill, some chance and a lot of hard work.  

The most powerful takeaway is that the same effort and dedication it takes to become an athlete is what it takes to become a high-end photographer. The 12-minute video is a great look at someone who loves his life and how success often comes to those who are open to life’s changes in direction. 

It’s certainly one of the most unique 'how I become a photographer' stories we’ve heard in a while.