Hot on the heels of our review, Panasonic has released version 1.1 firmware for its DMC-L10 DSLR. This update is said to improve AF, exposure and white balance as well as allowing shorter time between frames in single shot mode. The interface has also been tweaked with the front and rear command dials now able to fine tune the white balance and the position of the magnified area in live view. Click through for the download link.

Click here for further information or to download the update

Improvements to v.1.1

  1. Improved the performance of AF (Auto Focus) with Panasonic lenses. (Model No. L-ES014050, L-RS014150).
  2. Improved the performance of AE (An accuracy improvement of Auto Exposure at night scene).
  3. Improved the performance of AWB (Auto White Balance).
  4. Shortened the minimum shooting intervals on the single shooting mode.
  5. Enabled the Front/Rear dial operations in the fine white balance adjustment and the change of magnifying position on the MF Assist in Live View mode.