We've recently introduced a few small but, we hope, welcome improvements for dpreview members. You may have stumbled across them whilst browsing, but we thought it would make sense to bring them to everyone's attention. In brief: you can now edit comments you've made on news stories, articles and previews, we've introduced a 'Gear List' to your profile, and you can now feature your articles in your chosen forum(s).

Note - we haven't mentioned the new-style profiles here, as they where actually introduced a while ago, and we've got some cool new features on the way, which we'll tell you about soon. If you've not yet seen your new profile check it out by clicking here.

My Gear List

Your profile now has a 'Gear List' where, if you choose, you can detail the equipment you have (or had), and the bits you'd like. Every product page and every news story featuring a product in our database now features an 'Add to My Gear List' button, to allow you to add it to your owned or wanted list. You can go directly to your gear list by clicking here.

You'll find your gear list on your profile page. Click on 'Add to your Gear List' and start typing the product name to add items quickly (you can also enter custom names).
You'll also find buttons for adding products directly to your gear list in many news stories (left) and all product pages (right).

Featuring your articles in your chosen forum(s)

One of our hopes for the user-created articles feature was that it could be used as a sort of 'super stickies' tool for the forums, giving you a more powerful, permanent place to store FAQs, top tips and heavily bookmarked posts. We've taken the first step towards this goal by adding the ability to associate (feature) individual articles in up to three forums.

When editing an article you'll see a new 'Forums' link in the properties area. Click on this to feature your article. You can associate individual articles with up to three forums.
within a few minutes you'll see your article appear in the 'Related articles' widget on the right hand panel of the forum(s) you picked.