1939: England in Color
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1939: England in Color

This is the second installment of a 2-part article. Click here to read part 1

In August 1939, shortly before the outbreak of WWII in Europe my grandparents took a honeymoon camping trip around England in their Morris 8 Convertible. With them they brought my grandfather's cousin Eldred, and their cat Edgar (just visible at the bottom of this picture). 

Eldred was an accomplished photographer, and I recently discovered a large collection of color slides, taken by him during the course of the trip.

The collection of almost 80 color slides was inside a small wooden box, and had been in my grandmother's attic for at least 20 years.

Most of the slides were glass-mounted, and apart from various degrees of fading, they have suffered remarkably little degradation over 75 years. Unfortunately, some were mounted in simple cardboard frames and have some damage in the form of surface abrasions and small spots of fungus.

I already shared several images last week in part 1 of this article, and you can click through this slideshow to see the rest. Feel free to leave a comment if you know where any of the uncaptioned photographs were taken!