Nikon has finally confirmed the age-old rumor that it's going to make a full frame mirrorless camera. It's widely assumed Canon plans to do the same. But what are the things they need to get right?

We're way beyond the point where the 'mirrorless or DSLR' question simply depends on whether size or autofocus is more important to you. But what are the other aspects of camera design and behavior that need to be in place for a camera to work for your photography?

We'd love to hear what you think, so please pick what would be the three most important factors for you. These needn't be the things that would make you switch, just the things that they'd need to deliver, to make it even worth considering.

Or, if we've missed anything, mention it in the comments.

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What are the most important things you'd want from a Canon or Nikon mirrorless camera?
  • Full compatibility / full performance with existing lenses13.0%
  • High resolution sensor11.3%
  • Sports-ready AF system10.7%
  • Lifelike viewfinder10.2%
  • In-body stabilization7.9%
  • Compact size6.3%
  • Small, affordable primes5.4%
  • Good battery life4.5%
  • Lightweight4.3%
  • Easy-to-use AF system4.0%
  • Good quality video3.8%
  • Responsive controls and menus3.4%
  • Effective weather sealing3.2%
  • Fast primes2.5%
  • High speed shooting1.9%
  • Substantial grip1.6%
  • Pro video features such as waveforms / 10-bit capture1.5%
  • 16-bit Raw1.4%
  • Configurable controls/interface1.4%
  • Dual card slots1.0%
  • Tele zooms0.5%
  • Top plate settings display0.3%
Total voters: 3,783

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