Readers' Showcase: Tom Goodman
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Readers' Showcase: Tom Goodman

Vine Covered Bike, 2009, from the portfolio Veils. Photo by Tom Goodman

You mention that you're coming back to photography after a long break. What have you discovered in this latest chapter of your career?

First, and foremost, there is no time to lose. I am 67 years old and more productive and engaged than ever before. I cannot bemoan the loss of 25 years, but I cannot afford to lose any more.

Photography is always evolving. Today, as opposed to when I went to graduate school, it clearly is no longer waging the battle to be acknowledged and accepted in the mainstream art world. That said, the proliferation of photographs has not produced a commensurate increase in compelling ones. Everyone may be a photographer but the number of those whose work merits critical examination has not varied over the years.