Nikon's image management software, Nikon Capture version 4.4.0 (Windows) and 4.4.1 (Mac) is now available for download. The Windows update adds support for D200 RAW images. A new black and white option in Advanced RAW tool palette has been added to Color Modes. And finally, there have been improvements to the way tones are reproduced in highlight areas to prevent a loss of detail when the exposure compensation is set to less than 0. The Mac update addresses a problem that caused a type 3 error to occur and the program to unexpectedly quit when attempting to print.

Click here to download Nikon Capture software version 4.4.0 for Windows

Click here to download Nikon Captures software version 4.4.1 for Mac (Germany) and (US)

Release notes:

Nikon Capture version 4.4.0 (Windows)

If Nikon Capture version 4.4.0 is to be used in combination with Nikon View, please be sure that you are using Nikon View version 6.2.7 for full compatibility of files and most functions.

  • Support for D200 RAW images has been added.
  • A B&W (black-and-white) option has been added to the Color Mode item in the Advanced RAW tool palette.
  • Improvements to the method used to reproduce tones in highlight areas, preventing a loss of detail when Exp Comp is set to a negative value. (Does not apply to RAW images captured with the D1 or COOLPIX-series cameras.)

Images edited using the Exp Comp with a negative value with Nikon Capture 4 version 4.3.2 and earlier are opened in Nikon Capture 4 Ver. 4.4.0 or later, the results of highlights may differ.

Nikon Capture version 4.4.1 (Mac)

An issue that caused a Type 3 error to occur and Nikon Capture 4 to unexpectedly quit when attempting to print from Nikon Capture 4.4.0 has been addressed. (Mac OS 9 only).