Chasseurs d'Images, the French site at the center of an ongoing embargo storm have yet again blown the embargo on several new products to be announced at PMA on Sunday. We, although privy to this information are not allowed to publish it until our NDA runs out, Chasseurs d'Images it appears seem to either not be under NDA or misunderstand the implications. In any case they had (until it was pulled) pictures and specs on Minolta's new Dimage 7 Digital SLR and S304 compact digital camera. Plus Canon's CP-10 photo printer. UPDATE: 17:30 GMT, Dimage 5 & Dimage 7 info back on the site. 19:20 GMT, Now they've blown the embargo on Canon's new digital cameras.

Chasseurs d'Images news page

Chasseurs d'Images: Canon CP-10 Photo Printer

Chasseurs d'Images: Canon's new digital cameras

Chasseurs d'Images: Minolta S304, 3 megapixel compact digital camera

Chasseurs d'Images: Minolta Dimage 5 & 7 Digital SLRs

Does make you wonder what the point of websites like ours signing NDA's is if either (a) some sites ignore them or (b) different sites get different embargo dates. It would be nice to see manufacturers working more closely with the larger sites to ensure leaks like this don't occur.