Instax Wide 300
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Instax Wide 300

$95 | Fujifilm | B&H

For decades, an instant camera was magic in your hand. Press the shutter, a print spits out of the camera, and then everyone stands around in amazement watching ghostly blurs solidify into images. Instant cameras have largely been replaced by LCD screens, but we’d still venture to say you’re missing something if you’ve never watched a child’s face light up in wonder as grey smears turn into a photo of friends and family.

These days, Fujifilm has been leading the way in a somewhat unlikely instant film revival. You can find the company's Instax cameras everywhere from your local camera store to Urban Outfitters. The mini format cameras use the more easily found credit-card sized Instax film, but the larger Instax Wide 300 provides a little more room for creative license.

Fujifilm recently released a square format instant camera and printer. We didn't love the former but the printer would be a good option for someone interested in bringing their existing camera to the instant photo party.