On the back of their announcement of the MX-1700 Zoom, Fuji have also published a press release and photograph of the groundbreaking 3x zoom mechanism used in the new MX-1700.

On the right the MX-1700 Zoom mechanism,
(On the right the MX-1700 Zoom mechanism, on the left a more traditional
zoom mechanism - probably from the MX-2900)

Remaining at the forefront of digital imaging design, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. today announced the development of company's latest technological breakthrough: the world's smallest, all-glass aspherical lens for digital camera use. Roughly the diameter of a quarter, Fujifilm will manufacture the lens via a newly-developed glass-injection mold process that will enable the company to produce the lens en masse, making aspherical lens manufacture efficient and economically viable for consumer digital cameras.

The maiden appearance of this new lens will be in Fujifilm's soon-to-be-available MX-1700 ZOOM Digital Camera. With dimensions of roughly 1.5" (w) x 1.6" (h) x 1.75 (d) fully extended, the lens mechanism of the MX-1700 ZOOM is 50-percent smaller than similar zoom lenses. (Business Wire photo)