Panasonic Japan has today announced two new card readers which are compatible with the SDHC card format. SDHC is an update to the SD card format which allows for cards with a capacity over 2 GB (typically 4 GB or more) and also classes of minimum btransfer rate (primarily for solid state video recorders). One of the first cameras to support SDHC is the Panasonic DMC-L1 (which may get more of a mention tomorrow). Back to todays news, there's the BN-SDDBP3 which is a SDHC CardBus reader and the BN-SDCJP3 USB 2.0 SDHC reader.

Panasonic BN-SDDBP3 SDHC CardBus Reader/Writer

Panasonic BN-SDCJP3 USB 2.0 SDHC CardBus Reader/Writer