Are the best selling items online this holiday according to The top products are Nikon's Coolpix 880, the Palm Pilot IIIxe and Plextor CD-RW drive. These were selected by being the top searched for items on's site. The holiday season is defined as November 25 - December 21.

Press release:

Holiday Results In: Digital Cameras, PDAs and CD-Rewritable Drives Hottest Items For Online Shoppers

COSTA MESA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 26, 2000-- The last minute rush before Christmas on shows the most popular products searched for this holiday are the Nikon Coolpix 880 digital camera, the Palm Pilot lllxe and the Plextor CD-Rewritable drive.

Lawrence R. O'Connor, president and CEO of stated: "The week before Christmas we saw significant increases in activity on PriceElectronics, PricePDA and PriceComputing. The three sites combined averaged a 57 percent increase in visitor sessions and a 20 percent increase in page views from the Nov. 25 start of the holiday shopping season. We expected digital cameras and PDAs to be popular items, but we were not expecting the high number of searches for Rewritable drives.''

Price believes that the popularity of CD-Rewritable drives could be due to the growing number of consumers downloading music from the Internet. The Rewritable drives make it possible for consumers to copy the downloaded music to a disc to play in their CD player without requiring MP3 capabilities.

Phil says: Don't discount the number of digital camera buyers / owners adding CD-RW's to their computers to archive off all their digital images...