What's this? A smell of coffee? Computer monitors are 4:3 ratio, old CCD's always had a 4:3 ratio, and thus digital cameras inherited this aspect ratio. Some consumer digital camera manufacturers have started to include 3:2 ratio image sizes (just cropping you understand) to match photo finishing prints. PhotoAccess takes the initiative by offering 4:3 ratio prints at 3.75" x 5" ($0.39), 4.5" x 6" ($0.49), 6" x 8" ($1.49), 7.5" x 10" ($2.49) and 9" x 12" ($4.95). I'm sure it wasn't all that difficult... Guillotine?

Here's the official press release:

PhotoAccess Announces Digital-Camera Size Photos

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 11, 2000-- PhotoAccess.com Corp., a leading provider of digital photo printing and album management, today announced the availability of Digital Camera Prints(tm). Most digital cameras take pictures in a 3:4 aspect ratio, while traditional photo prints range from a 2:3 to a 4:5 aspect ratio. Because of the aspect ratio difference, digital camera images are typically printed with part of the image being cropped off or the image shrunk to fit, leaving unsightly borders. Digital Camera Prints print a full image from the digital camera without borders.

"Nobody has been focused on providing an optimized solution for the digital camera owner the way that PhotoAccess has,'' said Gene Wang, chairman and CEO for PhotoAccess. "With the introduction of prints matched to digital camera image formats, we are demonstrating once again our full commitment to this new and dynamic market.''

Digital Camera Prints are available in 5", 6'', 8", 10'', and 12". A customer 's image is printed with the long side equal to the Digital Camera Print size and the short side equal to the length required to print the entire image. For a typical digital camera, a 6'' Digital Camera Print is 4.5" by 6''.

"One of the great things about this technology,'' added Jerry Barber, vice president and general manager for Internet Services, "is that even images cropped in photo editing packages come out printed correctly.'' According to Barber even a perfectly square image will print correctly and beautifully.

Digital Camera Prints are priced to be competitive with most standard size prints from other companies. 5", 6'', 8", 10'' and 12" prints are $.39, $.49, $1.49, $2.49, and $4.95 respectively.

Also in this release, PhotoAccess.com added many new features to the web site making it the most flexible albuming site on the Internet. New in this release are multi-image move and copy between albums; one, four, nine, and sixteen image per album page display, and inter-account album copy.