Photo by Giovanni Trolio

Following an investigation into Contemporary Issues winner Giovanni Troilo's photo story 'La Ville Noir - The Dark Heart of Europe,' World Press Photo has stripped the photographer of his prize. The organization found Troilo to be in violation of contest rules - specifically, a photo he submitted that he alleged to have been taken in the Belgian city at the heart of the project turns out to have been taken in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Brussels (about 45 minutes away by car). With Troilo's confirmation that the picture was indeed taken in another location, World Press Photo disqualified the story.

Trouble for Troilo started when the mayor of Charleroi, the town featured in the story, accused the photographer of misrepresenting the city and staging his photos. Although he admitted to using his cousin as a model in one of his photos, World Press Photo didn't find the photographer guilty of staging images. Just three days later the organization issued the statement that in light of 'new information' the investigation had been reopened and found Troilo in violation of entry rules.

With Troilo disqualified, the first prixe for stories in the Contemporary Issues category goes to Giulio Di Sturco, previously the second prize winner. Tomas van Houtryve now takes second prize, and third prize will now be unclaimed. World Press Photo and the National Press Photographers Association will together host an ethics symposium later this year following some discussion of the high number of photos disqualified from judging because of digital manipulation.