Sony has today announced price cuts to its Memory Stick storage (this actually took place last Friday). This is the second price cut in six months. This latest reduction brings the street price of Memory Stick more into line with other storage such as Compact Flash and SD/MMC cards. Sony are now showing the list price for a 128 MB Stick as $89 (down an amazing $60). Memory Sticks can already be ordered at this new price from Sony Style and Sony Imagestation.

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Sony Memory Stick Price cuts

Capacity Old Price New Price
128 MB $149.95 $89.95
64 MB $79.95 $49.95
32 MB $49.95 $34.95
16 MB $34.95 $24.95

(Note: I'm aware that MS prices have been gradually dropping over the last few months, but these prices are a more significant drop and are on list price).

Phil: Just in time for PMA, maybe we're going to see larger Stick's announced?