Fujifilm has released updated firmware for its X100 premium large-sensor compact camera. Firmware v1.11 improves autofocus performance at close range and corrects a couple of bugs with the camera's operation. Meanwhile, Japanese company Aki-Asahi has begun offering custom coverings for the camera, including wood and leather covers in a variety of colors and textures. (Via PetaPixel)

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FinePix X100 Firmware Update Ver.1.11

The firmware update Ver.1.11 incorporates the following issues.

  • 1.Performance of auto focus at near distance has been improved.
  • 2.When "SHADW TONE" is set to "MEDIUM SOFT" or "SOFT", live view in LCD may display with abnormal pattern (so-called "solarisation") just after pressing the shutter halfway. This update improves the phenomena.
  • 3.When self-timer mode is selected, focus and exposure (AE/AF) are set just after pressing the shutter button and these settings are remained for the final shutter releasing.

Click here to visit the Fujifilm X100 firmware page

Aki-Asahi Custom Coverings:

Click here to visit the Aki-Asahi X100 custom covers page (Google Translated)