CeBIT 2001: More instant prints! Canon have today shown their prototype digital camera with a built in bubble jet printer, this little unit (far smaller than simiilar attempts by Fujifilm and Polaroid) features a 1.3 megapixel CCD has a 2 x optical zoom lens and can store directly to CompactFlash as well as producing credit card sized prints.

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(Older) Press release:

Micro Bubble Jet Camera

Print digital photos anytime and anywhere. The Micro Bubble Jet Camera, which will record not only images but also sound, is a exciting developmenfrom the traditional concept of digital cameras, realizing instantaneity and high-quality printing at the same time. It represents a new generation of compact, easy-to-use and highly entertaining digital cameras with printing functions.

Shoot and Print A New Dimension in Digital Photography

Canon has merged the digital imaging technologies of digital cameras and Bubble Jet printers to create the Micro Bubble Jet Camera. The key concept of this product is putting the functions of a photo lab in the palm of the user's hand.

We asked ourselves, is there no way to build a printer into a small, lightweight digital camera? The answer was found in our Bubble Jet printing technologies which offer low power consumption and compactness combined with our high-density packing technologies and the idea to build the printer engine into the camera and the ink in a separate Ink Paper Pack.

The Ink Paper Pack houses credit card-size sheets of printing paper and Bubble Jet ink to allow photo printing immediately after a shot is taken. As no chemical developer is required, the Ink Paper Pack is friendly to the environment and recyclable.

In addition, a microphone mounted on the digital camera picks up sound, and the resulting audio signals are printed on the edge of the card in 2D barcodes when the picture is printed out. Scanning the codes reproduces the sound, allowing this data to be transferred to a PC via a Compact Flash Card or USB connection. The Micro Bubble Jet Camera is set to change the world of communications.

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