Semiconductor and electronics company DALSA has announced two new 33 and 28 megapixel CCD chips that will be used to power Leaf's digital camera backs. The 33 megapixel FTF5066 will be used in the Leaf Aptus 75 back and produce files of around 200MB in size, while the FTF6146 28 megapixel DALSA chip will be used in the Aptus 65 back. The 33 megapixel chip is available now and the 28 megapixel chip will ship in early 2006.

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Press Release:

Next Generation DALSA Chips Power New Digital Camera Backs

Leaf's new Aptus 75 uses DALSA's 33 megapixel FTF5066 sensor; the Aptus 65 uses DALSA's 28 megapixel FTF6146

DALSA Corporation (TSX:DSA), an international high performance semiconductor and electronics company, today announced that its next generation 33 megapixel and 28 megapixel CCD image sensor chips have been designed into two new professional digital camera backs.

The new Leaf Aptus 75 medium and large format digital camera back, which was recently launched at the PhotoPlus Expo, is powered by DALSA’s new 33 megapixel FTF5066 CCD image sensor. The camera back, which will begin shipping in November, produces stunning 16 bit images with file sizes of nearly 200 megabytes. The Leaf Aptus 65, which will be available early in 2006, features the 28 megapixel FTF6146 DALSA chip and generates high quality 160 megabyte image files, also at 16 bits.

Beyond pure resolving power, DALSA’s new image sensor chips are the most feature-rich in the industry, with large 7.2 micron pixels for the widest possible dynamic range, industry leading frame rates, instant response (no shutter lag) and low power consumption.

“We’re pleased to once again supply Leaf, a valued customer, with our latest professional-grade image sensor products,” said Brian Doody, President of DALSA Digital Imaging. “These sensors set a new benchmark not only for image quality, but also for unique features that directly benefit professional photographers.”