Mamiya-OP is to sell its Optical Equipment Division, it was announced yesterday to Cosmos Scientific Systems Inc. Mamiya, which has been producing cameras since the late 1940's, failed to capitalize on its success in the medium format market when the digital revolution swept through professional photography. After first being announced at Photokina 2004, the innovative Mamiya ZD 'medium format' digital SLR and back didn't hit the shelves until last month, by which time many professionals had switched to digital SLRs based on 35mm bodies. At this time it doesn't look like the end of the line for Mamiya as a camera brand, and we hope the new owners can make a viable business from this venerable name in professional photography.

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Press Release:

Mamiya Transfers Camera and Optical Division

Elmsford, NY, April 24, 2006Mamiya O/P has announced that it’s Optical Equipment Division,
manufacturer of the leading medium format cameras and lenses will be transferred to a new company.

The new company, Cosmo Digital Imaging Company, Ltd. was formed by Cosmos Scientific Systems, Inc., a leading company in IT technology.
Cosmo Digital Imaging will be able to combine its software expertise with Mamiya’s photographic
capabilities to further advance in the digital direction of professional photographic imaging technology.

Building on Mamiya’s reputation and world wide distribution network, the new company will be able to achieve an even higher level of customer satisfaction. Service of Mamiya cameras, lenses and accessories will also be handled by the existing Mamiya distribution network.
Coming in the wake of a number of industry changes, this positive development gives Mamiya a new direction and a vision for the future.

Cosmo Digital is planning to execute these changes on September 1, 2006 and will retain a substantial number of present staff and facilities and acquire all the assets including inventory, property, trademarks and patents to assure a smooth transition.