Samsung has published the source code for its NX300 and NX2000 mirrorless cameras - the first attempt we've seen at offering public access to a mainstream camera's operating system. The approach, which the company has previously used with its smartphones, stands in stark contrast to other camera manufacturers, which have not engaged with the community of programmers looking to enhance the capabilities of their cameras.

The source code for the NX300 and NX2000 have been issued under GNU GPL and LGPL licenses, which limit the ability for end-users to create proprietary works, instead encouraging people to allow their own modifications to be tinkered-with.

While we find it hard to believe this move will greatly increase the attractiveness of the NX cameras to the mainstream in the short term, we have to applaud Samsung for opening up access to the workings of its cameras - something that can only yield interesting results. If the Magic Lantern team's efforts are anything to go by, there's plenty of untapped (and probably unforeseen) potential in these cameras.

The acceptance form on Samsung's website allows you to specify your intentions for downloading the code and includes the idea of using the code in another project, as well as the option of adding or refining it for the camera.