Olympus has made available a RAW codec compatible with Windows Vista. The software is compatible with a wide range of RAW-capable Olympus cameras stretching back to 2000's E-10 and obviously including the latest E-System and SP models. Download link after the jump.

Click here for further information and to download the codec

Target models

  • E-1
  • E-3*
  • E-300
  • E-330
  • E-400
  • E-410
  • E-500
  • E-510
  • E-10
  • E-20
  • C-70 ZOOM
  • C-5050 ZOOM
  • C-5060 Wide Zoom
  • C-7070 Wide Zoom
  • C-8080 Wide Zoom
  • SP-310
  • SP-320
  • SP-350
  • SP-500UZ
  • SP-510UZ
  • SP-550UZ
  • SP-560UZ

*A part of the parameter does not apply to RAW developing of images.