The Gekko Stand's ball and socket joints allow the stand to be lengthened or shortened.

Gekko Stand just launched a new Kickstarter campaign to expand the number of accessory attachments for its original stand — a Gorillapod-like device that has detachable ball-and-socket joints to adjust the stand's length. The original Gekko Stand was also funded by Kickstarter this past spring.  Gekko Stand is currently trying to raise $22,500 by September 4th and, within the past couple of hours, has already raised more than $1,200. 

The new attachments include rugged phone and tablet mounts, a handlebar clamp (let's hope it doesn't slip and slide like so many others do) and a camera mount. If the campaign is successful, this brings the total number of attachments, including the original nano suction pad, locking suction cup and two-inch clamp mounts, to seven. And, with the entire mount collection, according to Gekko Stand, "you'll be able to go hands-free with any device in any situation," including smartphones, tablets, GoPro and DSLRs.

A minimum pledge of $28 gets you all four new attachments. Estimated delivery is in October.

Four new attachments include a rugged phone mount, rugged tablet mount, a handlebar mount and a camera mount.