Adapted Lens Talk
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Adapted Lens Talk

Nikon 24mm f/2.8 AIS with Fotasy Nikon G to Sony E adapter. Shot with Sony a7. 30 sec., f/16, ISO 100.

Photographed by Matt Parvin Photography:

'Oak Island NC, October 2015. I'm fortunate that this pier and beach are about 5 blocks from my office. I've shot it plenty over the past couple of years and this is one of my two or three favorites. This was shot with a 10 Stop ND Filter. Having a proper aperture ring is great with these filters, at f/2.8 you get enough light to focus even with the filter mounted. Stop it down to f/16 and you get a 30 second exposure at sunset.

I really started in photography with Nikon Series E 50mm & 100mm lenses on a D40. Manually focusing is much, much easier on mirrorless bodies, and using these old primes is even more enjoyable. I really think it makes you a better photographer as well, since it forces you to slow down and see what you can create an image out of, rather than just snapping away with an AF zoom.'